The following documents are related to the Gregory Library and Don Gregory's work with software and support for MCP Systems. They document his utility programs and libraries, and discuss miscellaneous topics that may not be directly associated with any particular issue of his Gregory's ClearPath / A-Series Technical Journal.

asfile.pdfDocumentation for Don's ASFILESUPPORT library.
batchftp.pdfDocumentation for Don's FTP bulk file transfer utility.
C74-date.pdfA brief article on retrieving a four-digit year using ACCEPT ... FROM DATE in COBOL74 (also applies to COBOL85), relative to SSR 45.1 (ca 2000).
CANDE.PDFDetailed description of enhancements to CANDE from the SSR 41.2 release, September 1995.
CDINTRO.PDFDocumentation for the Gregory's ClearPath A-Series Technical CD, version 6.01, January 2004.
codefile.pdfA discussion of MCP code file compatibility among A Series and ClearPath MCP systems, relative to SSR 44.1 (ca 2000).
COMPILE.PDFDocumentation for Don's CANDE compile utility, relative to SSR 42.3 (ca 1996).
COMSCfil.pdfArticle on programmatically loading COMS entities into the CFILE, relative to SSR 44.1 (ca 2000).
comsdir.pdfArticle describing a program to remove dead station entities from the COMS CFILE, relative to SSR 44.1 (ca 2000).
comsock.pdfArticles by Mike Stahura describing CCF-COMSOCK. These appear to be similar to his articles in the March 1998 issue of the Journal.
DBATool1.PDFArticle by Jim Steward on the dbaTools data base monitoring utility.
DMSII.PDFDiscussion of the DMSII release upgrade process and backup procedures, relative to SSR 48.1 (ca 2003).
dumpanal.pdfArticle on configuring MCP systems to take system-level memory dumps, relative to SSR 44.1 (ca 2000).
FindWarn.pdfAn updated version of an article on analyzing MCP deimplementation warnings that originally appeared in the July 2003 issue of the Journal, relative to SSR 47.1 and later.
ftpgen.pdfDocumentation for Don's interactive tool for generating batch (WFL) FTP transfers, relative to SSR 42.3 and later (ca 2003).
Idx2003.pdfConsolidated index of Journal articles and issues for years 1986-2003.
InstllSW.pdfRecommendations for installing Don's ClearPath A-Series Technical Journal software, ca 2001. This is a companion to the LoadSW.pdf article.
LoadSW.pdfInstructions for loading Don's ClearPath A-Series Technical Journal software from CD or the Gregory FTP site, ca 2001. See also InstllSW.pdf.
lx5000.PDFArticle describing the Unisys ClearPath LX-series servers, ca 1999. These were the second generation of MCP systems that were emulated on standard Intel servers, the NX4200-series being the first.
Queues.pdfA short article concerning disk space usage on the Halt/Load unit for DCALGOL QUEUE variables.
showfind.pdfAn article on using the SHOW and FIND ODT commands to investigate the MCP program mix, relative to SSR 44.1 (ca 2000).
sockets.pdfArticle on replacing the then-deimplemented TCPPUSHEDMSGSERVICE with the newer TCPIPNATIVESERVICE port file service for raw TCP/IP socket communications, relative to SSR 44.1 (ca 2000). This is a good introduction to port file programming for TCP/IP sockets.
telnet.pdfArticles on the features and configuration for the then-new MCP Telnet server, relative to SSR 44.2 (ca 2000).
WFL.PDFArticle on special topics in WFL programming, relative to SSR 42.2 (ca 1995).
1990-JLTAPE.zipComplete version of the Gregory Library from 1990. Most of these files are either obsolete or have been extensively modified since. It is offered here for historical interest and as an illustration of how the Library changed over 13 years. The individual files have been converted to Windows text in PWB format. The original files, located in the JL/ folder, are in the form of CANDE DO or schedule files that when run would create source files in an MCP file system. These original files appear to have been prepared for download from a pre-Internet bulletin-board system that Don made available to subscribers starting in May 1987, but were also made available on magnetic tape for a nominal charge.