UNITE 2019 Conference Registration

Registration for the 2019 UNITE conference on 30 September - 2 October in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is now open through the UNITE Event Management System (EMS):  UNITE 2019 Registration

This facility supports registration for attendees, guests, speakers, and sponsors and functions as a shopping site.  This means that you have the usual capabilities to view and modify your “cart” before submitting an order.

We have a great agenda! Check it out on the UNITE Personal Schedule System where you can see the Conference at a Glance (CAG) and build your Personal Schedule!

Conference Fee Structure:

The conference fees are defined by category of conference participation as detailed in the Registration Category Notes at the end of this page.  The registration fees have changed due to increased costs over the past 2 years:

  • Attendee:                   $875
  • Guest:                        $525
  • User Speaker:           $625
  • Sponsors:                  As determined by Sponsor Agreement


The registration system maintains a database of people who register and sends emails that contain the registration information to each individual.  Each registered person can use the link provided in the registration email to make changes in their registration details, including name and email address.  It is important to retrieve the registration email from your spam mailbox if it does not arrive in your in-box within a few hours following registration.

NOTE: If you registered for a UNITE conference in 2016 - 2018, then your registration account is still in the EMS database and can be used for registration for the 2019 conference.  You can sign in by clicking the “My Account” menu option at the top of the first page.  If you have forgotten your password you can have it reset using the “Lost Password” link on the LOGIN page.

The individual who submits the payment information for a registration order is assigned an EMS user-id and password that can subsequently be used to log-in and make adjustments to any order placed under that user-id.  The user-id will be established and emailed on the first order placed.  If that individual places additional orders, they will be given the opportunity to log-in so they can see all of their orders and can adjust any order, submit additional orders for attendance tickets, or in the case of Sponsors, submit orders for additional sponsor items like drink tickets.

For example, If I register myself, I will receive a new user id email from the UNITE EMS and I’ll also receive a payment email from Paypal who is the UNITE payment processor.  If my wife later decides to accompany me to the conference, I can return through the EMS link above and register her as my Guest.  When I get to the order submit point, I can log-in which will enable me to avoid the “real person” check and will ensure that my Attendee order and Guest order will be visible and can be updated under my user-id.

While this is a simple example, the capability is very useful for administrative staff handling registration for multiple people and for Sponsors who have the opportunity to procure multiple items in multiple transactions.

Note that the Paypal processing facility supports payment using any major credit card in addition to payment using a Paypal account so you do not have to set up a Paypal account to use the UNITE registration facility. 

If your organization requires use of a Purchase Order for payment, you also have that option during order submission.  However, orders placed using a PO will be suspended until UNITE receives a copy of the PO, issues an invoice, and receives payment, unless credit has been established in advance.  Contact UNITE Administration at admin@unite.org with any questions.

Registration Category Notes

Attendee – Attends the entire conference and can attend any session in which they have an interest.  Almost everyone will register as attendees unless they fit into one of the categories below.  You will also be given the opportunity to register a Guest before submitting your order.  Attendee and Guest registration includes reception and dinner on Monday and Tuesday and breakfast and lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Guest – A guest may be present during the entire conference and receives a lower fee as they are not typically participating in the full set of conference activities.  Guests must identify the Attendee or Speaker of whom they are a guest during registration unless registered by their Attendee or Speaker.

User Speaker – members from user organizations who speak at the conference receive a discounted registration fee.  A Speaker Id code is required for this registration.  The Speaker code will be emailed by UNITE when your presentation is accepted and scheduled so please defer registration until you receive your code.

Sponsors – Sponsors must submit a sponsor contract to UNITE before proceeding with registration.  The 2019 Sponsor Contract is available through the Sponsors Information page or the Sponsor option on the EMS Registration site available through the link near the top of this page.

In all cases, please make your hotel reservations as soon as possible to ensure access to the UNITE conference room block and rate.  Please use the link to the Hilton Minneapolis UNITE registration site available on the UNITE Hotel Registration page.


Please address any questions, concerns or issues to UNITE Administration at admin@unite.org.

We look forward to seeing all of you in Minneapolis on September 30, 2019.