UNITE is soliciting presentations for the 2020 Annual Conference, "Empowering Your On-going Digital Evolution."

The 2020 Conference Agenda will focus on presentations to help delegates understand, design, and deploy cost-effective tools and techniques to help your organization succeed in the on-going digital evolution of business enterprise. We are also planning updates on the latest Unisys platform, software, and support capabilities, along with providing user experiences and new tips & tricks to optimize your Unisys environment.

Based on current Unisys product offerings and emerging directions in business and industry IT, we have created a set of suggestions for presentations that we believe will be of of interest to the UNITE community and that potential presenters should consider. These suggestions are organized by the four groups around which we have structured previous conferences. Each group's suggestions are detailed separately in the following pages:

Agile Business Suite (EAE/ABS) Group

Management and Planning (MTP) Group

MCP Systems Group

OS 2200 Systems Group

Where appropriate, topic areas identified in the suggestions may be combined into a single presentation.   These suggestions are not intended to be complete or restrictive -- please feel free to offer presentations for the conference on other topics.

You can submit a presentation abstract using the UNITE Presentation Entry site.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, UNITE will be holding a virtual conference in 2020, generously hosted by Unisys on their Zoom infrastructure. We are planning to hold the conference over five half-days, with presentations running in multiple parallel tracks.

The schedule will be based on one-hour blocks, including break time between sessions. Presentations may be designed for either one block or two contiguous blocks. Presentations for one-hour blocks should finish within 45 minutes, including time for delegate questions and discussion. Presentations for two-hour blocks should finish within 1 hour and 45 minutes, including time for questions and discussion. Presentations need not fill the entire block time.

At the end of each day, there will be blocks set aside for chat sessions where delegates will be able to network and socialize. All presenters are invited to attend these sessions and participate in further discussion with delegates on their topics.

If you are interested in building your presentation skills, consider participating in the MCP group's traditional "I Didn't Know You Could Do That!" (known as IDKYCDT, pronounced "iddy-cat") session. This session consists of multiple presenters giving simple, five to ten minute talks on tips, tricks, techniques, and simple utilities for the MCP platform. See the MCP Systems Group page above for more details.

If you have questions, would like to submit a suggestion for a presentation topic, or would like additional information on becoming a presenter, please contact us by email at conf.plan@unite.org.