UNITE is soliciting presentations for the 2020 Annual Conference, "Empowering Your On-going Digital Evolution."

This page lists the suggested presentation topic areas for OS 2200 systems that UNITE recommends presenters consider for the 2020 conference. This list is not restrictive. Please feel free to combine elements from these suggestions or offer something that is entirely different. See the main Call for Presentations page for information on the structure of the conference and its presentations. You can submit a presentation abstract using the UNITE Presentation Entry site.

Extending the OS 2200 ClearPath Environment to support your on-going digital transformation

Discussion of user stories on how extending the OS 2200 ClearPath environment with tools such as OS 2200 Connectivity Services, ePortal, and DataExchange has benefited digital transformation. [Presentation]

 Executing Python, Java, git and other Linux utilities on the OS 2200

Presentation with demo that shows how to set up and execute Python, Java, Git and other Linux utilities on the OS 2200.  This should include examples and user experiences. [Presentation including demo, may need a longer session]

OS 2200 Birds of a Feather

Open session with opportunities for delegates to meet with Unisys engineering and product management representatives for an open discussion on OS 2200 Systems and Software. Provide opportunities for delegate questions to Unisys or for discussion of best practices to share with the OS 2200 user community. [Group discussion]

Combined OS 2200 Hardware and Software Update

Presentation combining the traditional OS 2200 Hardware and Software Updates into a one hour session. [Presentation]

Deployment of OS 2200 ClearPath Software Series – User Experiences

Discussion of user experiences in transitioning to OS 2200 CSS in the areas of planning, designing the deployment architecture, challenges expected and unexpected, security considerations, performance observed vs predecessor system and environment, ClearPath management tools used, etc. [Presentation followed by possible panel discussion, may need a longer session]