The UNITE 2021 Conference has been rescheduled to the first two weeks in February 2022. The virtual conference opens Tuesday, 1 February, at 10:30 a.m. (U.S. Eastern Standard Time) with a Welcome and Conference Overview session to introduce our virtual conference, which is oriented to Digital Transformation, Protection, and Management in the Cloud.

We will explore the substantial improvements and capabilities available from Unisys and its partners to assist in meeting the challenges we are all facing with new technologies, new business requirements, and the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. 

Additional details on the conference agenda, schedule, and description for each session are available through the on-line UNITE Agenda System, which replaces the paper documents (Agenda, Conference at a Glance, and Session Evaluation form) used at previous in-person conferences.

UNITE has scheduled a number of sessions from both Unisys and outside speakers on current and trending topics that should be of interest to a majority of attendees. We refer to these as General Sessions. Most of these are scheduled exclusively for a day's first time slot and lead off the conference for that day. Please see the 2021 General Sessions page for descriptions of their content and information on their speakers.

Please note that the sessions listed on this page are not all of the sessions to be presented at the conference. These are representative of the topics that will be featured at the conference and that UNITE believes will be of interest to many attendees. If there is a topic that you would like to see at this or a future conference, please send an email to and ask about it. It may already be on the schedule.

Management & Planning (MTP)

These sessions should be of interest and value to all attendees:

4024 – Journey to Virtualizing the MCP

Our conversion to a virtualized MCP environment presented a unique set of challenges as the implementation process began during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the beginning phases of moving our IT infrastructure to a newly constructed production site. An early hurdle was shifting from our physical tape backup solution to a virtual one as the existing hardware did not support a virtual environment. We worked closely with Unisys through the planning and implementation phases, following their recommendations and guidance to meet our unique needs, performance expectations, and forecasting for future system growth.

We look forward to sharing our progress, barriers, and successes as we continue to optimize our virtual environment and evolve to meet the challenges and adaptations necessary to accommodate our membership and the growing needs of a financial institution that continually strives to exceed industry benchmarks.

4025 – Cloud Cost Optimization

When organizations started to provision or migrate applications to the cloud, cost management was usually not something they paid a lot of attention to. The main drivers were things like application agility, operational assurance and alignment of strategic focus. Or they might have thought that moving to the cloud and reducing their capital expenditure would automatically save them money.

But since then many have come to realize that without cost management for their cloud services, they have accomplished the opposite and that their bill for IT actually has increased. Several surveys have identified cloud cost management as one of the top priorities and some organizations have even considered repatriating cloud workloads.

In this session we will look at the different opportunities for reducing cloud cost and how to prioritize among them.

4043 – Cloud Security Infrastructure & Code

By now 90%+ of Enterprises have considered cloud and have gone through Cloud Readiness or a Cloud Feasibility Study or a Cloud TCO and Cloud Adoption journey. However, many of them are still not very mature with Security in Cloud - Outside-in and Inside-out from infrastructure to Application/Code to Data to Compliance, Governance and Risk.

This session will identify and provide guidance on the factors that will lead to a successful and SECURE Cloud Adoption/Migration/Transformation.

3044 – The Practical Case for Modernizing Collaboration

The use case for modernizing enterprise collaboration tends to focus on end user experience (EUX) benefits. However, there’s another important justification for modernizing team collaboration: business continuity. As we enter another pandemic downturn, it’s become clear that businesses will live with coronavirus for many years to come. One thing this pandemic has taught us is that we can’t predict anything.

This session will share how Unify Square helped customers adapt when the pandemic hit and how we’re helping customers prepare for the reality of living with the pandemic. How do we accommodate users who might work from home for months at a time? How do we onboard employees who can’t come into the office? How do we keep office collaboration spaces functional when they’re so infrequently used? How do we do all of this without putting sensitive corporate data at undue risk?

These are the topics we’ll cover as we navigate the nuts and bolts of keeping users collaborating during the ever changing pandemic.

OS 2200 Sessions

These sessions should be of interest to attendees oriented towards OS 2200 systems. You may also want to consider sessions 3036 (OS 2200 Product Update) and 4045 (DSI Update) not detailed here.

3034 – Enriching ClearPath Applications in Azure

This session will provide an update on the approaches to modernizing and enriching ClearPath applications while minimizing the change required to the existing application. This will include a status update on the new ePortal 11.0 release including its capabilities to build and deploy applications in MS Azure.

3035 – Achieving Revenue Growth with Unisys Data Exchange

Post-pandemic organizations have put digital transformation initiatives on steroids. Can we leverage ClearPath systems of record to drive modern real-time platforms? This session will cover the business benefits of the Unisys Data Exchange, cover some real customer use examples, profile how Cloud based analytics tools can be leveraged with the Unisys solution, and give an outlook on our future directions in this area.

3046 – ClearPath: A Quantum Leap Forward

Quantum computing makes it possible to tackle certain problems that classical computers can’t. It is anticipated to revolutionize fields like data analysis and machine learning, areas that are vital for maintaining a competitive advantage. These capabilities are just around the corner and ClearPath is ready. We’ll show how existing features can be leveraged to access the quantum resources available today, and tomorrow.

3040 – ClearPath OS 2200 Clinic

Come and ask the Unisys experts any questions you might have. Or, just come to listen and share your experiences with other attendees. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions directly of the Unisys OS 2200 Engineering team and learn from the years of wisdom of other Unisys users.

MCP Sessions

These sessions should be of interest to attendees oriented towards MCP systems. You may also wish to consider sessions 3033 (MCP Software Update), 3042 (MCP Security Update and Overview), and 4045 (DSI Update) not detailed here.

3028 – ClearPath MCP System Selection

You may be in the decision process deciding what your next MCP deployment will be. This presentation discusses deployment options including:

  • Libra systems
  • Software Series on bare metal
  • Software Series in a private cloud
  • Software Series in the public cloud
  • Managed service.

The presentation helps identify the ClearPath MCP operating environment that best aligns with your needs and strategic direction. If you decide Software Series is right for you, the discussion helps you select the appropriate performance level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Titanium) for your needs.

3029 – MCP Application Modernization

From the basics, to advanced Python techniques, this session will expose you to the ClearPath Extension Kit for MCP. You will see a demonstration of just how dynamic an MCP environment you can create easily using Python. A final demonstration will show you how quickly your organization can use modern skill sets to access MCP data in applications you never would have considered for an MCP system.

3039 – MCP Running in the Azure Public Cloud Experience and Observations

MCP Software Series is now available to run in the Azure public cloud. This presentation will cover, the pros and cons of this environment, as well as the experiences that we have seen, to help you decide what is right for you, and what to expect.

3042 – ClearPath MCP Security – Update and Overview

This talk will present an overview of ClearPath MCP security, providing a comprehensive list of available features in the ClearPath MCP environment. It will concentrate on recent security features of the MCP 20.0 release as well as include general topics. This talk will conclude with a look ahead at the future, with possible MCP security features and influences.

3038 – MCP Clinic

Have questions about anything related to the MCP environment? Want to hear what questions others might have? Or share experiences? This session brings together experts from across Unisys Engineering, support and services, to help answer your questions. This is a great opportunity to hear what others are doing as well.

4041 – Using the New Security Data Transfer Tool – SMB3

SMB 3.0 (Server Message Block) has been around for 10 years, having been first released in on Windows Server 2012. It is a key feature of the MCP 20.0 release. This session will describe how the University of Washington use of Windows shares will be enhanced by this new feature.

AB Suite and EAE Sessions

These sessions should be of interest to attendees oriented towards AB Suite and EAE:

3031 – AB Suite Product and Strategy Update

A staple for any UNITE conference is the AB Suite Product and Strategy update, and this year is no exception. The AB Suite Product Manager will tell you all about the status of the AB Suite program, an overview of all new features of the most recent release, and plans for future releases.

3032 – Refactoring AB Suite Applications

Refactoring applications is a well-recognized approach to improve their maintainability by, for example, reducing code duplication and testing requirements. But traditionally it’s something organizations have been reluctant to undertake due to fears that it requires a “big bang” approach, that it will take too long, and that it will introduce unnecessary risk and business impact. In this session we’ll highlight some of the modelling and coding features that AB Suite offers to enable clients to gradually refactor their applications – including examples based on client experiences - while avoiding those understandable fears.

We look forward to seeing you at UNITE 2021!