UNITE is soliciting presentations for the 2021 Annual Conference, "Digital Transformation, Protection, and Management in the Cloud."

This page lists the suggested presentation topic areas for Management and Planning (MTP) that UNITE recommends presenters consider for the 2021 conference. This list is not restrictive. Please feel free to combine elements from these suggestions or offer something that is entirely different. See the main Call for Presentations page for information on the structure of the conference and its presentations. You can submit a presentation abstract using the UNITE Presentation Entry site.

User Experience migrating ClearPath Forward Platforms to Virtualized ClearPath Software Series.

Discussion on migrating to virtualized CSS environments, including current and target environments, project planning, deployment design, validation planning, challenges met, planning changes made, additional security considerations, performance compared to the predecessor system, and lessons learned. [Presentation possibly followed by panel discussion, may require a longer session]

User Experience with Cloud Deployment of ClearPath Software Series MCP and OS 2200

Discussion on planning, design of a deployment architecture, challenges expected and unexpected, security considerations, performance observed vs predecessor system and environment, management tools for Cloud and ClearPath environments, etc. [Presentation possibly followed by panel discussion, may require a longer session]

Security of Hybrid Cloud Environments and Data

Discussion on the increasing threat landscape and strategies for securing and maintaining integrity of corporate and customers’ data in hybrid cloud environments. Are there any new tools and processes?  Include discussion of compliance requirements and the responsibility to actually protect the enterprise and its customers. [Presentation possibly followed by panel discussion, may require a longer session]

BC/DR and the Pandemic Plan

Discussion of the plans and methods enterprises used to continue working through the COVID-19 pandemic, and how that intersected with existing BC/DR plans. Were there any unforeseen challenges?  Has the pandemic experience changed the plans and future preparedness posture?  This may also include a discussion on how this event affected workers and the challenges faced deploying remote workers, etc. [Presentation and possibly a panel discussion]

Performance Management of Hybrid On-premise and Cloud Services Delivery

Discussion of the hybrid world IT faces in delivery of business services and how that requires the capability to get an integrated view of the delivery and performance of services across all of the IT infrastructure involved in supporting the business’s missions. [Presentation and possible panel discussion]

Challenges of Transitioning To/From a Remote Work Force

Discussion on the challenges of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders, transitioning staff to remote work and how this worked out for organizations. Include discussion on how well prepared organizations were for rapidly ramping up remote workers, considerations for making the move to work-from-home (WFH) permanent for most staff, considerations for tooling to monitor remote worker productivity, and how this experience will change planning for the next event. [Presentation and panel discussion]

Planning and Tooling to Improve Hybrid Data and Transaction Security

Presentation on the complexity and concerns with the modern world of IT data and communications management, especially with integration across on-premise and multiple cloud environments.  Discuss the planning requirements and some of the tools available to manage and monitor data and transaction security in these increasingly complex environments. [Presentation]

Finding and Training Resources to Continue Your Digital Evolution for the Future Services Delivery Environment

Discussion of staffing and resource challenges in acquiring the people to maintain existing business critical applications and services while enabling expansion of services and enhancement of services delivery. [Presentation followed by panel discussion]

Managing Regulatory Compliance – Planning, Tools, and Techniques

Discussion of the need to manage and monitor regulatory compliance, along with some of the tools available now and on the horizon to make this critical capability possible. [Presentation]