7 Ways to Give Your LinkedIn Profile a Boost

1. Have a Professional Profile Photo. It’s not good enough to just have a profile photo, but it needs to be professional. This is not your Facebook, Twitter or Vine account, it’s the location where professionals and your potential future employer will make an opinion regarding you and your picture says a lot. Don’t be lazy and copy/paste a photo from Facebook. Dress as you would for an interview and have a friend take several photos against a background that isn’t distracting (brick or white wall). 

2. Don’t Copy/Paste Your Resume. This isn’t the online version of your resume. Try adding more details, work examples and results of what you can bring to a employer. Employers want to see results and how you will help their company increase its bottom. Take advantage of the fact you are not limited to an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper but don't carried away (see #3).

3. Don’t Include Everything. Adding a lot of accomplishments can feel rewarding and give you the false feeling that all this content is going to impress anyone that sees your profile. We’ll you’d be wrong. Like a resume if it’s to long and people have to scroll more than a couple times they are going to get bored and move on. Keep it simple and focused. While you can add more details and examples don’t get carried away. This isn’t the place to highlight you played varsity football and worked as a babysitter.

4. Create Personal Invites. Don’t use the default invite LinkedIn provides when requesting someone to connect with you. Make it personal and show that you put effort into connecting with them. Do this especially if it’s someone that you don’t know and your asking about job opportunities.

5. Don’t Lie. This seems like a no-brainer right? Well ask former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson and he’d agree putting false information out there can hurt your reputation or get you fired.

6. Ask for Recommendations. Nothing justifies your record more than a manager or co-worker vouching for you. Ask people who know how to write well and whose opinion matters. Some may view this as “fishing” for compliments but it’s totally acceptable on LinkedIn and is one of the most important features of your profile.

7. Upload Work Examples. This is a feature many people don’t even realize exists on LinkedIn. If you’re in a field where you can visually show off your skills, upload work examples by clicking “Upload File” next each experience. Upload press releases you’ve written or designs you made in Adobe to show off your skills and what you can bring to a company.