UNITE Advisors

This group works with the UNITE Board to provide services and support to the UNITE User Community in mentoring, advocacy, education, and conference content. 

Group members are subject matter experts who contribute their time and talents to improving the UNITE Community, the knowledge level of members, and the member experience at conferences.

Alan LechtenbergAlan Lechtenberg, Advisor - Mentoring Program
University of Washington
Mail Stop 354843
Seattle, Washington 98105-4527
(206) 543-0846

SanjaySanjay Y. Altekar 
LYNX Networking, Inc.
3905 Arcadia Rd
Alexandria, VA 22312
(571) 230-9235

Sanjay Altekar is the President and co-founder of LYNX Networking, Inc., which specializes in Unisys Systems Software, Administration and Networking services. Sanjay has been working with the Burroughs and Unisys systems since 1980, and has served recently as the Vice-Chair for the UNITE ClearPath MCP group. Sanjay is currently a consultant at the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO).

Brenda Bonnstetter
HelpSystems, Inc.

Clear Lake, IA
(641) 357-2700 ext 2112 


Brenda Bonnstetter has worked with Unisys systems for more than 30 years.  Most of that time has been with the OS 2200 systems, originally as a Unisys employee and then for TeamQuest which is now a HelpSystems company.   Brenda has been responsible for the development and support of the TeamQuest products related to OS 2200 security, file management, and logging.  The last few years she has also been supporting the TeamQuest Performance Management products for MCP systems.