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Bit Manipulation in Algol

A reader recently asked if I had any documentation that would help to explain bit manipulation in MCP Extended Algol. I didn’t, but this is an important subject in Algol programming, and it sounded like a good topic for a blog post. It also seemed like an opportunity to slip a little variety into the […]

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Installing MCP Express – Part 1

In the prior post of this blog series on MCP Express (XE), I introduced the Unisys MCP Express product, discussed its origins and limitations, and described how you can request it from Unisys to download the installation package. In this two-part post, I will guide you through the basic installation and configuration process for XE. […]

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Introducing the MCP Insider Blog

UNITE is continuously looking for better ways to support the Unisys user community, to provide useful resources to our membership, and to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences within the community. To that end, we are initiating a blog on the UNITE web site, The MCP Insider, to be devoted to general MCP issues, […]

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