Conference Presentation Archive

ClearPath Strategy and Direction
This session will explore the evolution of the strategy, helping your own solution strategy planning. View Presentation

Becoming a ClearPath OS 2200 Digital Bloodhound
In this session we will provide methods for tracing and logging information that is required to identify who has touched your data. View Presentation 

Fraud: Are you Complicit or Compliant?
This session will discuss recent examples of corporate fraud, drawing on real-life case histories and the tools available to detect fraud both retrospectively and in real-time. View Presentation

Best Practices for Developing Your GUI Applications
This presentation will cover the overall approach EMC used to develop, implement, modify, and improve its GUI development. If your company struggles with the development of quality GUI applications, or you would like to improve the quality of your existing GUI applications, you will benefit from attending this session. View Presentation

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