Membership Benefits and Information

Joining UNITE is a great investment for you and your organization. Membership will provide you with the tools, skills, training, and contacts to help advance your expertise and your organization’s objectives. Take charge of your career and stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends, network with similar professionals and take advantage of webinars, forums and meetups only available to members. Whether you’re a young or seasoned professional, UNITE offers resources for everyone at any stage of their career.

Any organization that has an interest in the success of solutions in environments that include Unisys hardware, software, or services, and supports the purposes of UNITE may join us. Membership in UNITE offers:

  • Education opportunities that can keep you on the inside track on new strategies, techniques and trends—Webinars with presentations on Unisys topics, new trends and successful best practices can build your professional skills and knowledge base.
  • Networking opportunities with peers—Forums, Meetups and events that give you the chance to exchange ideas, develop contacts and share experiences.
  • A conduit for user IT requirements and desired technology and services improvements to Unisys and third party vendors —Access to the Community Advocacy function of UNITE to bring user concerns on technology and technical issues, policy issues and vendor - user interactions.
  • Educational Resources—You’ll receive access to educational materials and newsletters. These materials can help you improve your skills and contacts.
  • Career Advancement—Gain access to the UNITE Job Board where employers will seek individuals for careers across the country. You’ll also have access to career resources such as tips on effective resumes, cover letters, and job searching strategies.

UNITE Members and associates may:

  • Participate in any UNITE sponsored program including webinars, education, forums, meet-ups, and mentoring
  • Participate in all UNITE conferences and other sanctioned meetings
  • Vote in all elections and on all issues submitted to the membership
  • Subscribe to UNITE publications
  • Participate in the Job Board for a nominal fee
  • Access the UNITE Presentation Archive
  • Participate as a Sponsor at conferences and meetings
  • Access the UNITE Source Code Repository
  • Submit Resolutions to the UNITE Community Advocacy team
  • Participate in the UNITE Mentoring Program

Members are expected to:

Adhere to the Bylaws of UNITE and the Policies and Procedures of UNITE.  Ensure that all membership information and forms are maintained and submitted to the UNITE business office as required. Promptly pay all dues and fees owed to UNITE.

Community Access
In addition to full membership, UNITE also offers access to the UNITE site and certain resources with a Free Community Access User Id.  Community Access provides access to all public areas of the site and also permits one to join and participate in UNITE public forums and communicate with UNITE through the web site.  Community Access does not provide full access to all UNITE member benefits and resources.

Membership Dues
To become a Member of UNITE, an individual must pay their annual membership fee, or be entitled to membership by fee-paid attendance at the most recent UNITE conference, or be entitled to membership due to their organization paying a fee for an Organization Membership in UNITE.  

Individuals can join UNITE with an annual membership fee of $100. This establishes the individual as a member of UNITE and grants them access to the UNITE Member only section.

When an individual acquires UNITE membership, their organization or company is considered a member of UNITE for voting purposes as the UNITE organizations each have a single vote on elections or any other matters that come before the UNITE Community.

Membership Approval
When an individual applies for membership by submitting the membership form, their information will automatically be submitted to the Board of Director’s membership chairperson for review.  The membership chairperson will review the organization’s qualifications for membership and recommend subsequent action by the Board of Directors for approval.

In the event that the Board of Directors determine that the individual or their organization does not meet the qualifications for UNITE membership, the Board will terminate the membership and refund the membership fees.