UNITE is soliciting presentations for the 2020 Annual Conference, "Empowering Your On-going Digital Evolution."

This page lists the suggested presentation topic areas for MCP systems that UNITE recommends presenters consider for the 2020 conference. This list is not restrictive. Please feel free to combine elements from these suggestions or offer something that is entirely different. See the main Call for Presentations page for information on the structure of the conference and its presentations. You can submit a presentation abstract using the UNITE Presentation Entry site.

Experience with past conferences has shown that delegates are interested in product presentations and discussions of product and service capabilities, but they are particularly interested in discussions of practical applications and techniques, user experience stories, and live demonstrations. Tutorial and "how-to" presentations are also very well received, especially when they cover relatively new MCP features and capabilities.

Deploying and Managing MCP ClearPath Software Series -- Administration, Operations, and Architecture

One or more presentations addressing deployment and management of MCP CSS for current and emerging platform environments, including:

  1. On top of Windows “bare metal”
  2. On top of VMWare
  3. Deployed in the Cloud

Delegates will be interested in discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, guidelines for choosing an underlying platform, architecture of each platform as it relates to CSS, and tools and techniques for administration and operation of CSS on a given platform, including use of the MCP "Center" tools (Administration, Operations, Data Base, Security). In the case of VMWare and the Cloud, delegates will be interested in a discussion on leveraging platform features and tools, e.g., VMotion and VSphere. [Presentation possibly followed by panel or group discussions]

Backup and Archival Tools and Techniques

One or more presentations on data backup, restoration, and archival tools and techniques for modern MCP systems. Delegates will be particularly interested in tape-less solutions for CSS systems, especially those deployed to virtualized or Cloud platforms. Delegates will also be interested in updates for virtual tape library (VTL) products and services, as well as the potential for using Cloud storage for MCP backup, archival, and bulk storage purposes. [Presentation possibly followed by panel or group discussions]


One or more presentations on MCP system, application, and communications security. Candidate topics of interest to delegates include:

  1. Practical implementation of and tutorials on system and communications security
  2. Discussion of tools, techniques, and recommended practices for security in application software design
  3. Overview on the installation and use of MCP Security Center
  4. Security in the Hybrid Cloud and for on-premise systems, including
    • Maintaining and configuring cryptographic services and secure transport
    • Using Security Center to manage the firewall
    • Security Center Key Store features
    • Configuring and managing IPSec security policies to secure inter-platform communications

[Presentation possibly followed by panel or group discussions]

MCP Application Modernization

One or more presentations and demonstrations on modernization of MCP applications and application user interfaces. Candidate topics of interest to delegates include:

  1. Integrating COBOL and ALGOL applications with business rules and tools written in modern languages (e.g., Python[AIS], Java[JIS], others)
  2. Potential for the use of Containers with MCP environments and applications
  3. Leveraging open-source solutions with MCP processes (e.g., PGP tools, comparing documents, integration with source code repositories, etc.)
  4. Making use of MCPSQL as well as its ODBC and JDBC connectors to DMSII data
  5. MCP application access to external SQL data bases

[Presentation, preferably with demonstrations, possibly followed by panel or group discussions]

MCP Performance Improvement and Capacity Management

Presentations on MCP system performance measurement, performance improvement and capacity management. Candidate topics of particular interest to delegates include:

  1. Performance measurement and tuning for virtualized and Cloud-based MCP systems
  2. Performance improvement and tuning for DMSII, MCPSQL, ODBC, and JDBC
  3. Tuning DMSII DASDL and application programs to leverage modern system capabilities

[Presentation, preferably with demonstrations, possibly followed by panel or group discussions]

Programmatic Discovery of System Information

One or more presentations with demonstrations on retrieval of system information using MCP APIs and utilities. Candidate topics of interest to delegates include:

  1. Disk directory searching, wild-card file-name searching, obtaining lists of selected file names, obtaining detailed file and file attribute information, possibly using ASERIES_INFO, GETSTATUS, SYSTEM/PDIR, SYSTEM/FILECOPY, etc.
  2. Obtaining mix-related information, possibly using GETSTATUS or SYSTEMSTATUS
  3. System log analysis, both using SYSTEM/LOGANALYZER and by reading the log files directly
  4. Access to and safe manipulation of usercode data in the USERDATAFILE
  5. Access to and manipulation of COMS configuration and performance data

[Presentation, preferably with demonstrations, possibly followed by panel or group discussions]

MCP Express Birds of a Feather

Group discussion on the installation, configuration, and use of the free MCP Express community edition. Discussion topics include MCP Express features, limitations, and traditional problems areas. [Group discussion, possibly with demonstrations]

MCP - "I Didn't Know You Could Do That!” (IDKYCDT)

This is a session that has been a popular feature at UNITE conferences for several years. It consists of multiple 5-10 minute presentations by delegates on any MCP topic they wish to choose. The intent is to present useful, unusual, or possibly even obscure MCP system features and techniques -- "tips & tricks" that other delegates can take back home and apply in their shops relatively easily.

We traditionally hold a vote for Best Trick at the end of the session. UNITE advisors will organize the session, but anyone is welcome to submit a topic.

Participating in this session is an excellent way to ease into the role of being a presenter and improving your presentation skills. [Single presentation with multiple mini-presentations and demonstrations]