The UNITE Annual Meeting will be held on line during the UNITE 2024 Virtual Conference, 27 February - 7 March 2024.

An important UNITE activity at the conference is election of Directors to fill expiring terms of service on the Board.

Candidates for the UNITE Board must submit their credentials to the Election Committee by close of business on January 15, 2024 at The Election Committee will verify the candidates’ credentials and provide for posting of their information.

Candidates must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a member of UNITE in good standing.

You and your Organization are in good standing if you or another member of your Organization attended the UNITE 2023 conference held in February-March 2023, if you have subsequently joined UNITE, or if you are attending the UNITE 2024 conference as a paid member.

2. Submit a Letter of Commitment.

Board Members perform a variety of work on behalf of UNITE in addition to meetings so it is necessary for a candidate to commit to serve the organization through a period of two Annual Meetings from the date of election (approximately 2 years). Ideally the letter should come from your employer and be signed by someone of appropriate authority but a self generated letter of commitment is acceptable if the Election Committee determines that you meet the criteria for candidacy.

3. Submit Letters of Nomination from three Organizations in good standing.

The Letter of Nomination should state briefly the candidate’s qualifications to serve on the Board and be signed by the individual who will cast the Organization’s ballot for the Board Election at the Annual Meeting. There is one vote per Organization and the ballot can be cast by a substitute with prior notice to the Election Committee.

4. Commit to serve the UNITE Community – in either the Letter of Commitment or a personal statement.

Participation as a member of the Board of Directors requires:

  • attendance at the UNITE Annual Meeting,
  • attendance at both face-to-face and telephonic UNITE Board Meetings (one per month),
  • participation in ad hoc Board Briefings (scheduled as needed),
  • and participation in any other activities in support of UNITE undertaken by the Board or assigned by the Chair.

Make a difference – Be a candidate