The Board of Directors is the governing body of UNITE. It is responsible for managing the affairs of the organization, planning and managing conferences and events, maintaining this web site, and managing the information assets of the organization.

Guy Bonney

Chair and Secretary / Treasurer
Guy Bonney
MGS, Inc., Richmond, VA

Guy is the President and co-founder of MGS, Inc., a software engineering, product development, and professional services firm based in Richmond, Virginia. He has worked closely with Unisys computer systems and Unisys customers over his entire career. He has been an active participant in UNITE and predecessor organizations for many years, is a frequent speaker at the Annual Conference, and currently serves on the UNITE Board of Directors. He has held many positions in information systems and business management over the past 40 some years and currently serves MGS as chief product architect and Director of IT and Management Consulting in addition to his other duties.  Guy holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Carnegie Institute of Technology of Carnegie Mellon University.

Kenn Lefever

Vice Chair
Kenn LeFever
Lancaster, PA

Kenn has worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Mental Health on planning and computerizing patient records for their state hospitals, schools, and mental health centers. He spent the majority of his career working for the Data Processing Department of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, programming their Sperry and Unisys systems primarily in RPG, COBOL, and BIS, then holding a number of management positions. Since retiring in 2015, he has volunteered to lead the county's seasonal team of voting machine custodians. Kenn has participated in AUUA, USE, and UNITE conferences since 1981. He has served as a liaison between his local users' group and the national organization and as a member of the conference planning committee, chairing the Mapper/BIS track. He has served on the UNITE Board since 2013. Kenn holds a B.S.Ed in Mathematics from Millersville University.

Michael Easter

Director of Communications
Michael Easter
MDV / A SpartanNash Company, Norfolk, VA

Michael is the Vice President Information Technology and Customer Service and is responsible for the strategy, implementation and support of systems for distribution and corporate operations at MDV. In addition, he leads the Customer Service organization for MDV, supporting, order management, customer service call center, field service agents, and order credit management. Michael joined MDV SpartanNash in 1987. Before that, he was Manager of Product Research and Development for Cardinal Networks, New Zealand US operations for seven years. Prior to that, he held various leadership positions servicing IT systems at Comdial Business Systems, KDI Electro Tec, among others. Michael holds both a Bachelor and Masters of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech.

Paul Kimpel

Director of Community Advocacy
Paul Kimpel
San Diego, CA

Paul started his career at Burroughs in 1970 on the then-new B6500, working with Large Systems at Burroughs and user sites through the 1970s. He founded Paradigm Corporation in 1981 to provide custom software development, system support, training, and consulting services for Burroughs and Unisys ClearPath MCP systems. Paul has been a regular presenter at UNITE conferences since 2001. His main interests are in the areas of data base and transaction processing system design, web-enabled user interfaces, integration of MCP and Microsoft environments, TCP/IP networking, object-oriented programming, and emulating old computer systems. He still programs in Algol. Paul holds a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware.

Unisys Liaison to the UNITE Board
Debbie Hasan
Unisys Corporation, Malvern, PA

Debbie is a Client Executive in the Unisys ClearPath Forward Business Unit supporting clients in the U.S. and Canada. Prior to joining Unisys in 2017, Debbie acquired over 25 years of IT experience in product and services sales, consulting, Project Management, and service delivery from her roles at IBM and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Debbie has been active with UNITE for the past 3 years serving as the Unisys Liaison to the UNITE Board of Directors and coordinating Unisys’ participation in the annual conferences.  Debbie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from Fayetteville State University.