UNITE’s primary objective is to promote the growth and exchange of information within the Unisys user community. We are focused on developing the skills, tools, and resources that empower organizations to better use information technology to achieve their goals.

UNITE’s four strategic goals are:

Practice Development

  • Provide a space for newer users of Unisys equipment and software to get their feet wet, ask questions, get help, and receive guidance
  • Develop common artifacts and practices related to using and integrating Unisys equipment
  • Share representative solutions and approaches to common problems for others to learn from and build upon

Knowledge Transfer

  • Aid in knowledge transfer to build highly skilled experts in using and integrating Unisys equipment, products, and services
  • Provide a pool of expertise from a range of institutions and areas of interest for other organizations that are looking for participation and input
  • Build a repository of artifacts that is available to our members

Community Building

  • Provide a point of contact for individuals and groups regarding the use of Unisys equipment, products and services, and act as a conduit for collaboration with Unisys and other vendors in the Unisys community
  • Link IT professionals to their peers, mentors, and partners across the community of users of Unisys equipment
  • Bring IT professionals together virtually via conference calls, webinars, social media, and for face-to-face meeting


  • Increase the awareness and value of the role of Unisys IT professionals in the enterprise
  • Act as a liaison to vendors of equipment, products, and services, which complement Unisys solutions