Registration for the 2021 virtual UNITE conference on Tuesday-Thursday 5-7 October and Tuesday-Thursday 12-14 October is now open through the UNITE Event Management System (EMS). This link takes you to the EMS main page where you can select the appropriate Ticket type for your conference participation.

The EMS facility supports registration for attendees, speakers, and sponsors, and functions as a shopping site. This means that you have the usual capabilities to view and modify your “cart” before submitting an order.

We are finalizing the Agenda and details on the Agenda, schedule, and description for each session will be available through the new on-line UNITE Agenda System which replaces the paper documents (Agenda, Conference at a Glance, and Evaluation form) used at previous conferences.

Conference Fee Structure

The conference fees are defined by category of conference participation as detailed in the Registration Category Notes at the end of this page. The registration fee includes a full UNITE Membership for the next year or until the next annual conference in 2022. The 2021 virtual conference fees are:

  • Attendee: $250 for 1st attendee from an organization with discounts for multiple attendees.
  • User Speaker: $200
  • Unisys and other Sponsors: As determined by separate agreement


The registration system maintains a database of people who register and sends confirmation emails to them that contain their registration information. Each registered person can use the link provided in the email to make changes to their registration details, including name and email address. If this email does not arrive within a few hours following registration, please look for it in your spam mailbox.

Please save this confirmation email, as you will need the information in it to authenticate your registration and access sessions during the on-line conference.

NOTE: If you registered for a UNITE conference in 2016 - 2020, then your registration account is still in the EMS database and can be used to register for the 2021 conference. You can sign in by clicking the “My Account” menu option at the top of the first page. If you have forgotten your password you can have it reset using the “Lost Password” link on the LOGIN page.

The person who submits the payment information for a conference registration order is assigned an EMS user ID and password that can subsequently be used to log in and make adjustments to any order placed under that user ID. That user ID will be created and emailed on the first order placed. If that person subsequently places additional orders, they will be given the opportunity to log in so they can see all of their orders and can adjust any order, submit additional orders for attendance tickets, or in the case of Sponsors, submit orders for additional sponsor items.

For example, If you register yourself as an Attendee, you will receive an order email from the UNITE EMS ( server with your user ID, your ticket information, and a link to modify any contact information. If you are also registering one or more additional attendees to get discounted rates, then you will fill in the required information for yourself and the others on this order. After completing the payment process, you will receive an order confirmation email from UNITE EMS ( which includes your user ID, ticket information and a link to modify any contact information for each person you registered. You can then distribute the other tickets and the link to the others you have registered so they can make any needed changes in their registration contact information.

While this is a simple example, the capability is very useful to administrative staff handling registration for multiple people and for Sponsors to procure multiple items in multiple transactions.

Note that the Paypal facility we use supports payment using any major credit card in addition to payment using a Paypal account so you do not have to set up a Paypal account to use the UNITE registration facility.

If your organization requires use of a Purchase Order for payment, you also have that option during order submission. However, unless credit has been established in advance, orders placed using a PO will be suspended until UNITE receives a copy of the PO, issues an invoice, and receives payment.

The UNITE 2021 Conference access links will be distributed to all registered persons the week prior to the conference and no later than 1 October. Late registrants will receive their conference access links upon completion of the on-line registration process.

Please contact UNITE Administration at with any questions.

Registration Category Notes

Attendee – Attends the entire conference and can attend any session in which they have an interest. Almost everyone will register as attendees unless they fit into one of the categories below.

User Speaker – members from user organizations who speak at the conference receive a discounted registration fee. A Speaker ID code is required for this registration. The Speaker code will be emailed by UNITE when your presentation is accepted and scheduled so please defer registration until you receive your code.

Unisys - Unisys participants register using the Unisys Ticket selection on the EMS main page.

Sponsors – Sponsors must submit a sponsor agreement to UNITE before proceeding with registration. The 2021 Sponsor Contract will be available through the Sponsors Information page.

Please address any questions, concerns or issues to UNITE Administration at

We look forward to "seeing" all of you for the Welcome and Opening Keynote on October 5, 2021.