The Donald J. Gregory Best Presentation is presented during the annual UNITE Conference to speakers that rise above the rest and do an exceptional job during their presentation.

In 2004, the UNITE Board of Directors renamed the Best Presentation Award to the Donald J. Gregory Best Presentation Award in honor of Don Gregory, a longtime friend and very active member of the Burroughs and Unisys communities, a former President of the CUBE (Burroughs user group) organization, a strong supporter of Unite, and a UNITE Best Presentation Award recipient in 1995.

The Award recognizes the excellence in both content and presentation by speakers at UNITE conferences. Generally one or more awards are made by the UNITE Board and Conference Planning team at each conference.

The Award is based on conference attendee evaluations submitted for each session. Speakers are rated on session content, topic knowledge, presentation skills, and their ability to engage the audience.

Recipients of the Award are honored at the next Annual Conference and will be designated as a Donald J. Gregory Best Presentation Award recipient at any future presentations and in the Conference Agenda.

Give a presentation and you may be recognized as a leader in our industry.

The following recipients have received the Donald J. Gregory Best Presentation Award

2011 Anaheim, California

Steven Koss, Unisys Corporation
Interoperability - An Overview of the Possibilities

Russel Pederick, Unisys Corporation Thousands of Users on Windows

Michael Stroeing, Unisys Corporation BIS in the Cloud

Kurt Zimmerman, Oracle Corporation The Resurgencee of Physical Tape for ClearPath and Open Systems

2010 Baltimore, Maryland

Jim Malnati, Unisys Corporation
Automating Business Continuance with Unisys Operations Sentinel and SMA OpCon/xp

Rich Goldberg, Unisys Corporation
BIS for OS 2200 Level 47 Detailed Product Review

Dr. Glen Newton, Unisys Corporation
How to Secure an OS 2200 Server

Paul Kimpel, Paradigm Corporation
Using - Really Using - COBOL-85

Jim Nichols, Unisys Corporation
An ABSuite User Case Study

2009 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dick Jordan, CIBER, Inc.
Alternative Tools and Methods to Create Functional Graphics in BIS (MAPPER)

Jim Malnati, Unisys Corporation
Supporting the Olympics with ClearPath

Laura McQuade and Rudi Chati, Unisys Corporation
The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and SOA - A Security Risk?

George E. McGowan, Jr., McGowan Computer Associates, Inc.
Automated Test Tool (Lab)

Mike Kain, Unisys Corporation
ClearPath MCP Security Update and Overview

Dr. Glen E. Newton, Unisys Corporation
OS2200 Security Update

2008 Orlando, Florida

Sandy Stewart, Sun Microsystems (StorageTek)
Data Security- Not Optional Anymore

George Gray, Georgia Technology Authority
SOA Experiences at the State of Georgia

Francis “Brig” Bowe, Unisys Corporation
ES5000 Blade Servers: Enterprise-class Blade Computing

Grant McCauley, Unisys ACUS
AB Suite and Visual Studio Guided Tour

Paul Kimpel, Paradigm Corporation
DMSQL Query Capabilities and Performance

Louis Schlueter, Retired (Unisys)
RPS to MAPPER – MAPPER in the BIS-ginning

2007 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

Jim Thompson, Unisys Corporation
Virtualization - Shaping the Future of IT

Thomas Schaefer, General Services Administration
Experiences with Integrating Off-the-Shelf Search Engines to Complement Your ClearPath System

George E. McGowan, Jr., McGowan Computer Associates
Converting Your GUI Forms to ASP.NET (lab)

Cem Tanyel, Unisys Corporation
Application Modernization- Strategies for Achieving Flexibility and Agility

Martin Reed, EMC Insurance Companies
Lead Link - Creating XHTML 1.0 Transitional, Compliant, and Accessible Code

2006 Anaheim, California

Allan Ake, SUMMIT Education
Leadership Techniques of Famous People

Bill Harberts, EMC Insurance Companies
Secure Information Exchange Over Public Networks

Gene Gretter & Betsey Roush & Dan Meyer, Unisys Corporation
Getting Started with J2EE Application Development using Eclipse and JBoss

Paul Kimpel, Paradigm Corporation

Kurt Dano & John Savastio, New York State Education Department
Just Give Me Dropdowns

Lauren Cotugno, Unisys Corporation
Business as the Driver of IT

2005 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jon Brower, North Star Mutual Insurance
Maximizing North Star Mutual's MCP Investment with BIS, ICE & DEPCON

Steve Koss, Unisys Corporation
New Integration Technologies for ClearPath MCP

Isaac Levy, Unisys Corporation
Service Level Management: Best Practices for Operating the Modern Data Center

Mitch Maurer, Unisys Corporation
SCMS II Features and Capabilities

Jim Nichols, Unisys Corporation
EAE and the CSC: Helping Us Help You

Joe Rich, TeamQuest Corporation
The Evolution of Capacity Planning

2004 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Linda Agresta, SUMMIT Education Inc.
The Traveler's Gift - A Book Review

Jose Barajas, Management On-Line, Inc.
An ICE Application Using XML Technology for PDA's

Terry Kieffer, Unisys Corporation
ClearPath OS 2200 Really Does J2EE

George McGowan, Jr., McGowan Computer Assoc., Inc.
Implementing Hands Off Generate

Sam Samman, Unisys Corporation
Over a Century of Innovation and Still Going Strong

Jim Stewart, Stewart DataTech, Ltd.
Tuning DMSII with dbaTOOLS/Monitor

2003 Reno, Nevada

Donald Gregory, Gregory Publishing Company
Effectively Using Libraries on MCP Systems

Dave Kronenberg, Nature's Sunshine Products
Implementing EAE Version Control

Tim Pearson, SUMMIT Education Inc.
Real-Life Situations Affecting the Workplace

Ronald Q. Smith, Unisys Corporation
Modernizing Your I/O for OS 2200 Systems

Donald Whitcomb, USDA
USDA and the ES7000 - Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

2002 Baltimore, Maryland

Daniel Calametti, Software & Management Assoc.
The Three Key Elements to an Effective Presentation

George Gray, Georgia Technology Authority
Object-Oriented Languages: Java and C++ Compared with Object-Oriented COBOL

Steve Koss, Unisys Corporation
ClearPath Integration with XML - The New Language of the Internet

Jerry Merrill, SCB Computer Technology
BIS and COM in Action

Wyndham Sellers, TeamQuest Cprporation
Modeling Multi-Tiered Transaction Processing Systems

2001 Phoenix, Arizona

Paul Kimpel, Paradigm Corporation
Web Enablement Approaches for ClearPath MCP Systems

Russell Pederick, Unisys Corporation
From PC to "Big Iron" At the Touch of a Button - A Detailed Review of Direct Generate to ClearPath HMP

Jerry Merrill, Expanets
Business Information Server (MAPPER) and DDE In Action

Gary Markowski, Formula Consultants
Continuing To Secure Your 2200/IX System & Data in a Web Enabled & Telecommuting World

James Kane, Unisys Corporation
Enterprise Information Portals: Proven Best Practices for Selecting, Implementing & Customizing EIPs to Support Knowledge Communities

Thomas Johnson, Unisys Corporation
XML-What Is It And How Does It Help My Business

Fall 2000 New Orleans, Louisiana

Troy Aswege, Noridian Mutual Insurance Company
Experiences From A Data Center Disaster

Ronald Smith, Unisys Corporation
Operating System Development Plans

Susan Craig, ·Albuquerque Public Schools
Enterprise and Application Environment (LINC) Cycle - And All The Gory Details

Monty Hoffsommer, CompuTech Business Solutions
Using DEPCON to Extend MAPPER'S System Integration Capabilities

Joseph A. Rich, TeamQuest Corporation
UNIX Performance Analysis for the Mainframe

Catherine Murphy, C. Murphy and Associates, Inc
Creating A Project Team From Scratch

2000 Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Mike Recant, MGS, Inc.
TCP/IP Basics For The ClearPath/A Series User

Joellen Sleeter, Unisys Corporation
Migrating To ClearPath HMP Release 5.0/5.1

Lauren Cotugno, ·Unisys Corporation
Performance Tuning NT Systems And Applications

George McGowan, Jr. McGowan Computer Assoc. Inc. & Christopher Hott, Potomac Systems

Fall 1999 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Charles Calderale, Unisys Corporation
Common Internet File System (CIFS)

Dale Brenner & Mike Stahura, Stahura-Brenner
Active Server Page Interface to COMS Application

Debbie Harford, BC Tree Fruits
Making MAPPER Work, A Success Story

Keith Curtis, & Michael Easter, MDV Nash Finch
Distributing Reports Via E-mail From Your ClearPath Applications

Ruth Keeley Logan, KMSystems
Watch Out Snoopy - It's Y2K!

Spring 1999 Irvine, California

Tom McCarthy, Unisys Corporation
Administering SSL on ClearPath

Bruce Vessey, Unisys Corporation
CMP Shared Memory

Jim Stewart, Steward Data Tech, Ltd.
Accessing DMSII Data with Web Applications from IIS

Fall 1998 Reno, Nevada

Craig Olson, TeamQuest Corporation
Looking at ClearPath IX Performance from Both Sides Now

Dale Brenner & Mike Stahura, Stahura & Brenner
Web Enabling COMS Applications

Norman Smith, Unisys Corporation
Choosing the Right Clustering Solutions for NT

Mike Kay, ESI Services
The Antidote to Chaos-Why You Need to Establish A Systematic Software Testing Procedures

Spring 1998 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

John Liberty, Unisys Corporation
Year 2000 Command Syntax Enhancement

Donald J. Gregory, Gregory Publishing
MCP/TCP/IP Socket Programming

Bruse Weinman, Unisys Corporation
An Introduction to PADS

Steve Golus, Unisys Corporation
Exploration of the Internals of the Windows/NT

Fall 1997 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Holly Hageman, Unisys Corporation
Choosing the Best Method for Web Enabling Your 2200 3GL Applications

Jim Stewart, Stewart Data Tech
Optimize Your DMS II Database

Judith L. Richard, Unisys Corporation
Tips and Tricks with M/S Office 97

David Yost, Unisys Corporation
A Cool Look at MAPPER and the WEB

Roger Lees, Mid-Set Associates
Trust and Persuasion Skills

Fall 1996 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Steven Koss, Unisys Corporation
A Programmer's Guide to HMP Integration

Chris Bell, Rexel, Inc.
How Rexel Turned its 2200 System into a True Enterprise Server

John C. Kelly, Ph.D., Datametrics Systems Corporation
High Output Management

Lloyd J. Conklin, Unisys Corporation
Tutorial - TCP/IP Update & DCP Communications Software Update Network Strategy

John Thalhuber, KGL, Inc.
MAPPER Decision Support - Real Life Success Story

Dan Smith & Jeff Edmonds, Datametrics Systems Corporation
Guy Bonney, MGS, Inc.
What You Never Knew About UNIX - A Comparison of UNIX, A Series & 2200 Operating System

Fall 1995 Orlando, Florida

Don Gregory, Gregory Publishing Company
WFL for the Intimidated

Mike Heifner, Unisys Corporation
Desk Top Wars: Comparing CTOS, DOS, Windows and Networks