The UNITE 2024 Annual Conference was held virtually over Zoom on Tuesdays through Thursdays during 27 February through 7 March 2024. We had a successful conference with 40 user delegates and UNITE guests. That total included four delegate speakers and five guest speakers. There were 34 Unisys employee delegates, the majority of which were Engineering and supporting staff also attending the conference sessions. Eleven of the Unisys delegates were speakers.

The conference agenda consisted of 32 sessions comprising 10 Unisys presentations, four user-delegate presentations, three guest-speaker presentations, and 13 UNITE general-interest meetings.

If you were a user delegate or user speaker to the 2024 Conference, your paid registration for the conference entitles you to a full membership on the web site for the next 12 months. This membership includes access to the Conference Presentation Archive for 2024 and earlier years, access to the UNITE 2024 session recordings, plus other materials not available to Community Access members and the general public.

The 2024 Presentation Archive index is available now, but please log in to your membership account prior to clicking on the link so that you will be recognized as a paid member. That index lists the complete agenda for the conference with links to individual pages for each session. Each session page shows the presentation abstract and speaker information, a link to a PDF of the presentation slides, if any, and the text of any chat messages captured by Zoom. The Archive is available only to paid members.

Curation and post-processing of the conference recordings has been completed . The recordings can now be played from each session's page in the 2024 Presentation Archive. The "Early Access Videos" page that was updated each night during the conference is no longer available.

If you have any questions or issues with these instructions, you can submit them to us at