The Star of Excellence Award was established in 1994 to recognize the work of individuals who have been valuable to the success of UNITE.

How to Submit a Nomination:

Individuals can be nominated by any current member of UNITE.

Recipients of the award may not be:

  • Current members of the Board of Directors
  • Working Group Officials
  • Committee Members
Alan LechtenbergUniversity of Washington2023/2024 Virtual Conference
Paul KimpelParadigm Corporation2011 Anaheim, California
George GrayGeorgia Technology Authority2009 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Leo DaiutoUnisys Corporation2007 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Michael D. KayESI Services, LLC2005 Minneapolis, Minnesota
James R. SheltonGlobal Companies, LLC2003 Reno, Nevada
John J. Kelly, IVUnisys Corporation2001 Phoenix, Arizona
Larry NicholsDearborn Financial Services2000 New Orleans, Louisiana
Bud SchultzFormula Consultants1998 Reno, Nevada
Dewaine OsmanUnisys Corporation1997 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Charley JenkinsThe Midland Company1996 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
William PattonUnisys Corporation1995 Anaheim, California
Roy LindsayRCL Enterprises1994 Nashville, Tennessee
Ray ClovisUnisys Corporation1994 Nashville, Tennessee
Eric ThomasJohn C. Lincoln Hospital1994 Nashville, Tennessee
Julia BranhamSemour Industries1994 Nashville, Tennessee
David KarafilCalgary Catholic School Board1994 Nashville, Tennessee
Bill KrewsonSubaru of America1994 Nashville, Tennessee
Anne BaltzComputer Sciences Corporation1994 Nashville, Tennessee