UNITE offers a membership with full privileges to individuals that pay for their membership, or who receive a membership in conjunction with paid attendance at a UNITE Conference.

UNITE also offers a limited but free Community Access membership that provides access to all public areas of the site, permits one to join and participate in UNITE public forums, and to communicate with UNITE through the web site. Community Access does not provide full access to all UNITE Member benefits and resources.

If you reach this page and you have either a Community Access membership or a full membership, then you should log in. If you are logged in under a Community Access membership and you were directed to this page while trying to access a page or resource that requires full membership, then you must upgrade to a full membership in order to access that resource.

NOTICE: UNITE IS NOT A UNION! If you reached this page intending to sign-up for membership in UniteTheUnion, a labor union active in the UK and Ireland, please exit this site and go to https://www.unitetheunion.org.

If you do not have a UNITE membership, you can obtain one through the following methods. You can upgrade to a full membership using option (1) or (3):

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