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Time/ESTNrSession Title
Mon 1:00-3:005041UNITE General Opening Session and Keynote Address: "Zero Days and Zero Trust"Bonney, MGS
Koons, Unisys
Mon 3:15-4:153033ClearPath Forward Platform InfrastructureLaFleur, Unisys
Mon 4:30-5:303035Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Cyber ThreatsFontecilla, Unisys
Tue 8:30-9:303031ClearPath MCP Software UpdateAube, Unisys
Tue 8:30-9:303034ClearPath OS2200 Release 17.0Czertok, Unisys
Tue 9:45-10:454027Multi-factor Authentication at the University of WashingtonLechtenberg, UW
Tue 9:45-10:453063Rethinking the Mainframe Application Skillset ChallengeRoush, Unisys
Tue 9:45-10:453081AB Suite 6.1 Technical UpdateHood, Unisys
Tue 11:00-Noon3069Unisys Stealth Security SolutionsKoons, Unisys
Tue 11:00-Noon4054Get a GREP - Regular Expressions for the MCPKimpel, Paradigm
Tue 1:30-2:304059Securing Communications with SSH, SFTP, IPSec, etc.Meyer, UW
Tue 1:30-2:304028VTL Update: Data Protection in a Virtual WorldBremer/Norby, DSI
Tue 1:30-2:304060Working with XML and JSON in Your COBOL and C ApplicationsRussell, Canam
Tue 2:45-3:453058Optimizing Your MCP Environment to Meet Your SLAsMuncey, Unisys
Tue 2:45-3:454066Concepts of Web Services SecurityRecant, MGS
Tue 2:45-3:453083More Than Just Cool Web Pages or an AppHood, Unisys
Tue 4:00-5:003078MCP ClinicKoss, Unisys
Tue 4:00-5:003084Understanding OS 2200 Product Support Alert NotificationsRoush, Unisys
Wed 8:30-9:303057ClearPath Data Integration in a Hybrid WorldMuncey, Unisys
Wed 8:30-9:304064A New "Turbo" Tool for MCP Security AdministratorsMcLoughlin, Locum
Wed 8:30-9:303082DevOps - Bringing Developers, Operations, and Even Users CloserHood, Unisys
Wed 9:45-10:453049Understanding MCP in a Virtualized Private CloudKoss, Unisys
Wed 9:45-10:453062Intentful Services ArchitectureRoush, Unisys
Wed 9:45-10:454048EAE and AB Suite Birds of a FeatherEaster, MDV
Wed 11:00-Noon4055Using the New MCPSQLKimpel, Paradigm
Wed 11:00-Noon3061ClearPath MCP and OS2200 - Your Future Workforce is Available NOW!Church, Unisys
Wed 11:00-Noon3065Mobility in U.S. Federal Government using ClearPath ForwardNair, Unisys
Wed 1:30-2:304029Porting a C Application is Worth ConsideringMeyer, UW
Wed 1:30-2:304030Automated Fail-Over Supporting Disaster Recovery/Business ContinuityCalametti/Adams, SMA
Wed 2:45-3:454056I Didn't Know You Could Do That! 2017 EditionAltekar, Lynx

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