The UNITE 2023 Conference will be held February 28th through March 9th 2023, with sessions on Tuesday through Thursday of each week. This virtual conference opens Tuesday, February 28th at 10:30 a.m. (U.S. Eastern Standard Time) with session 6008, the Welcome and Conference Overview, to introduce our virtual conference. The focus of the conference is Secure and Resilient Hybrid Data Center Strategies.

We will explore the substantial improvements and capabilities available from Unisys and its partners to assist in meeting the challenges we are all facing with new technologies, new business requirements, and changes resulting from the recent pandemic. 

Additional details on the conference agenda, schedule, and description for each session will be available through the on-line UNITE Agenda System, which replaces the paper documents (Agenda, Conference at a Glance, and Session Evaluation form) used at previous in-person conferences.

UNITE has scheduled a number of sessions from both Unisys and outside speakers on current and trending topics that should be of interest to a majority of attendees. We refer to these as General Interest Sessions.

Please note that the sessions listed on this page are not all of the sessions to be presented at the conference. These are representative of the topics that will be featured at the conference and that UNITE believes will be of interest to most attendees. If there is a topic that you would like to see at a future conference, please send an email to and ask about it. It may already be planned.

Opening General Session

The opening general session will be held on Tuesday, February 28th at 11:00a.m. Eastern Standard Time. This presentation is shown on the Agenda as session 6075, ClearPath Product Roadmap and Strategy.

Chuck Lefebvre, Senior Director, Unisys ClearPath Solution Management will discuss the overall strategy, direction and roadmap for the ClearPath product portfolio.

Chuck Lefebvre, Senior Director, ClearPath Solution Management

Chuck leads the ClearPath Forward Solution Management team in the Enterprise Computing Solutions organization at Unisys Corporation. In this capacity for the ClearPath portfolio, he and his team are responsible for prioritizing requirements, defining market and client needs, building the right products for their market, taking them to market, and ensuring the sales and services teams have everything they need to meet the needs of Unisys' clients.

The team maintains and publishes the product strategy and roadmap for the ClearPath portfolio. Products in their portfolio include: MCP / Libra Systems and Software, OS 2200 / Dorado Systems and Software, AB Suite, BIS, ePortal, Data Exchange, storage integration for these systems, and all enabling software for this ClearPath Forward portfolio. They are also responsible for relationships with partners providing products and services for the portfolio. Chuck is based in Eagan, MN, USA.

Management (MTP) and General Interest Sessions

These sessions should be of interest and value to all attendees:

6315 – MCP Virtualization: Our Journey Continues

Life after virtualization has come with many positives to reflect on as we at GECU Federal Credit Union continue to strive towards achieving the highest level of performance our system is capable of. Since going virtual just over a year ago, we are excited to share the path, progress and improvements we have made to optimize our environment.

We will reflect on our journey to virtualization – the preparation and planning phases, the unique challenge of migrating during a period of great transition due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our I.T. infrastructure moving to a newly constructed production data center. Post-migration presented a new set of challenges and opportunities, some more immediate than others, all of which were necessary to improve and optimize our newly virtualized MCP environment.

As we continue our journey, we look forward to all opportunities and challenges to maximize the capabilities of our environment and offer the highest standard of service to our membership.

6139 – Post Quantum Encryption Panel Discussion

A panel of Unisys associates will discuss the threat Quantum computing poses to current encryption and cryptography. The "steal now, decrypt later" concept is a commonly expressed concern, even though practical and full Quantum computing is years away. Unisys associates will discuss early stage plans to ensure ClearPath systems are crypto agile and are incorporating the latest algorithms. We will engage the client audience to obtain their, and their organization's, viewpoints. Come to share your perspective on this important topic.

6059 – XLA 2.0 - the Secret to High Productivity in the Hybrid Workplace

2022 left many organizations with some form of hybrid workplace. 2023 brings with it a possible economic downturn. Enterprises wonder if hybrid work with its focus on employee experience has a place in the months to come. Is it possible to improve employee onboarding, productivity and employee experience in a way that reduces cost?

Weston Morris will describe how Unisys is using XLAs (eXperience Level Agreements) to measure and improve employee experience for clients in manufacturing, consumer products, fintech, healthcare and government.

In this session, Weston will answer these questions:

  • What is an XLA?
  • What is an employee experience management program?
  • What are 3 insights that XLAs can provide to the CIO, CHRO and business leaders?
  • How to connect employee experience to customer experience?
  • What does XLA 2.0 look like and how can it help me achieve my business goals?

6104 – Application Modernization

Application Modernization is an initiative to modernize the ecosystem of applications that run on ClearPath Forward or any mainframe/legacy platforms. Modern architecture, cutting-edge technology stack, and industry best practices will be used to transform the digital experience, automate end-to-end software delivery, and offer fully-integrated seamless solutions. Application modernization can make the applications more secure, scalable, resilient, and cost effective. Application modernization enhances business agility, reduces time-to-market, and enables an organization to outperform the competition. Application modernization minimizes, and in some cases eliminates, manual touchpoints in maintaining complex applications, which enables organizations to focus on future innovations.

6032 - SURE support for resilience in the IT and business operating environment

A well known proverb says: "Prevention is better than cure". This certainly applies to IT environments. This presentation gives an overview of how SURE offers a solution for the consolidation and application of repeatable processes in all parts of the development street on the MCP, and how SURE thereby supports a resilient MCP environment.

OS 2200 Sessions

These sessions should be of interest to attendees oriented towards OS 2200 systems. You may also wish to consider session 6323 (Data Exchange and EOM in Hybrid Cloud Deployments) and 6147 (Cyber Recovery for MCP Environments) not detailed here.

6155 – OS 2200 ClearPath Software Series - User Experiences, Public Cloud

Come hear the latest news surrounding our OS 2200 Software Series offering, and how it will shape your digital transformation journey. Now supporting a transition into the public cloud, we are providing more options than ever before to unlock your potential with Unisys!

We are ready to push what's possible!

6112 – OS 2200 Clinic

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to ask questions of the Unisys ClearPath OS 2200 Engineering team as well as share your OS 2200 experience. The clinic is an open forum so come prepared to engage in learning more about your OS 2200 system.

MCP Sessions

These sessions should be of interest to attendees oriented towards MCP systems. You may also wish to consider sessions 6024 (SURE Capabilities and Business Value) and 6091 (I Didn't Know You Could Do That! [2023 Edition]) not detailed here.

6067 – MCP System Selection Options Review

ClearPath MCP is a Unisys premium operating system that provides a complete environment to run business-critical, high-performance applications. The ClearPath MCP operating environments include ClearPath Forward® Libra systems and ClearPath MCP Software Series systems deployed on bare metal, hypervisor (VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V) hosts, and in a public cloud based on Microsoft Azure. If you no longer want to own and operate your MCP system, Unisys provides managed services offerings.

You may be in the decision process for what your next MCP deployment will be. This presentation discusses deployment options including:

  • Libra systems
  • Software Series on bare metal
  • Software Series in a private cloud
  • Software Series in the public cloud
  • Managed service.

The presentation helps identify the ClearPath MCP operating environment that best aligns with your needs and strategic direction. The discussion starts with an initial set of questions that will help you select an environment and continues with considerations for each environment that may block or confirm your selection.

If you decide Software Series is right for you, the discussion helps you select the appropriate performance level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Titanium) for your needs.

6163 – ClearPath MCP Software and Platform Update

Hear the latest news about ClearPath MCP software and platforms. This session will include information about the upcoming ClearPath MCP Release 21.0 and ClearPath Software Series 5.0 releases.

6147 – Cyber Recovery for MCP Environments

In today’s day and age, an organization's ability to maintain essential functions during and after a cyber-attack should be on the forefront of every CEO’s mind. Attackers are well funded and have the technology and skills to launch successful ransomware strikes.

Take a quick pause and think: Do you have the skills to rebuild your systems from the firmware up? Do you have a copy of your data that is known to be free from malware? How long will it take to restore your data using your existing infrastructure? Do the math, it’s an eye opener.

To address these concerns, Unisys has partnered with Dell Technologies and Dynamic Solutions International (DSI) to provide you with best-in-class Cyber Recovery protection for your ClearPath® MCP environment.

Join us to discuss the solution and how it applies to your situation.

6040 – ClearPath MCP Security Update and Overview

This talk will present an overview of ClearPath MCP security – concentrating on upcoming security features of the MCP 21.0 release as well as including general topics and best practices about platforms (Libra and CSS). This talk will conclude with a look ahead at the future, with possible MCP security features and influences.

6358 - Understanding Unisys MCP Computing Models - Fixed vs Metering vs Consumption

Unisys provides a variety of ways to license capacity for running your company's workloads. This presentation will compare and contrast the various implementations in the MCP environment by looking at the three main types:

  • Fixed: Fixed capacity systems and systems with limited adjustable levels of capacity-on-demand
  • Metering: RPM-Seconds (or MIPS-Months) tracking and monthly billing
  • Consumption: Cloud-Value-Unit (CVU) calculation and monthly billing

Measuring and monitoring the systems resources consumed by the various workloads processed by the MCP system is important in managing capacity consumption, predicting future capacity requirements, accounting for consumption costs, and validating potential billing depending on the consumption model in use.

    6120 – MCP Clinic

    Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to ask questions of the Unisys ClearPath MCP Engineering team as well as share your MCP experience. The clinic is an open forum so come prepared to engage in learning more about your MCP system.

    6323 – Data Exchange and EOM in Hybrid Cloud Deployments

    When you think about your public cloud strategy and ClearPath, the first thought is should I move my ClearPath system into the cloud? But the ClearPath is not solely the core ClearPath OS and its applications. There are other parts to the ClearPath ecosystem. Tools like Data Exchange for near real-time data replication, and EOM for print and digital output creation, are just two examples.

    • Where do they belong? In my traditional data center, or in the cloud?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
    • Are there useful cloud services and capabilities that can integrate with these products?

    This session will cover the deployment options and pros and cons for deployment in a hybrid cloud environment, some of the new capabilities these options bring, and an example and demo of a hybrid cloud implementations taking advantage of cloud services.

    AB Suite Sessions

    These sessions should be of interest to attendees oriented towards AB Suite:

    6083 – AB Suite Product and Strategy Update

    This session will provide an overview of AB Suite Strategy and new features of AB Suite 9.0 release. In addition, we will tell you about the status of the program, news about clients and some of the exciting things they are doing with it, and provide a glimpse into what to expect in the next release of AB Suite.

    We look forward to seeing you at UNITE 2023!