UNITE is soliciting presentations for the 2024 Annual Conference, "Secure and Efficient Cloud Solutions with Unisys ClearPath."

This page lists the suggested presentation topic areas for Agile Business Suite and EAE that UNITE recommends presenters consider for the 2024 conference. This list is not restrictive. Please feel free to combine elements from these suggestions or offer something that is entirely different. See the main Call for Presentations page for information on the structure of the conference and its presentations. You can submit a presentation abstract using the UNITE Presentation Entry site.

AB Suite Product Update and Strategy

A session that provides information on the status of the AB Suite program, an overview of all new features of the most recent release, and plans for future releases. [Presentation]

AB Suite Recent Developer Enhancements

A session that provides information to users who have been waiting to upgrade from EAE to AB Suite and encourage them to take a fresh look at the product. Discuss changes in recent AB Suite releases to make it easier for EAE users to transition to AB Suite. Discuss recent AB Suite developer enhancements for productivity and performance. [Presentation]

AB Suite Security

Presentation to assist users in ensuring their organization’s ongoing security and compliance with governmental regulations. Discuss AB Suite security features designed to align applications with regulatory requirements such as GDPR and other opportunities. [Presentation]

AB Suite in the Cloud

Presentation to discuss the Unisys strategy for AB Suite in the Cloud followed by an open discussion to collect feedback from delegates on their Cloud needs. [Presentation followed by group discussion, may require a longer session]

AB Suite Birds of a Feather

Open session for users to discuss how the current users of EAE and AB Suite are using the Unisys development tools to help improve productivity, reduce down time, and enhance user interaction with their respective systems. [Group discussion]