UNITE is soliciting presentations for the 2024 Annual Conference, "Secure and Efficient Cloud Solutions with Unisys ClearPath."

This page lists the suggested presentation topic areas for MCP systems that UNITE recommends presenters consider for the 2024 conference. This list is not restrictive. Please feel free to combine elements from these suggestions or offer something that is entirely different. See the main Call for Presentations page for information on the structure of the conference and its presentations. You can submit a presentation abstract using the UNITE Presentation Entry site.

Experience with past conferences has shown that delegates are interested in product presentations and discussions of product and service capabilities, but they are particularly interested in discussions of practical applications and techniques, user experience stories, and live demonstrations. Tutorial and "how-to" presentations are also very well received, especially when they cover relatively new MCP features and capabilities.

MCP, ClearPath Software Series (CSS), and Libra System Update

Updates on the most recent and forth coming MCP changes, CSS environments changes, and Libra System changes. Full treatment may require two sessions.

MCP System Selection Options Review

Discussion of the available MCP system options and factors useful in deciding what your next MCP deployment should be. Deployment options include:

  1. MCP CSS on top of Windows “bare metal”
  2. MCP CSS On top of VMWare or other virtualizers
  3. MCP CSS deployed in a private or public Cloud
  4. Libra systems

The objective is to help one identify the ClearPath MCP operating environments that best align with your needs. [Presentation possibly followed by panel or group discussions]

MCP System and Environment Security Update

Comprehensive discussion of ClearPath MCP security, including security of the overall CSS and Libra environment. Recent security features added, general security considerations, and forthcoming MCP security features will be reviewed including:

  • Maintaining and configuring cryptographic services and secure transport
  • Using Security Center to manage the firewall
  • Security Center Key Store features
  • Configuring and managing IPSec security policies to secure inter-platform communications
  • Hardening the hardware and Windows host environment

Customer Experiences in MCP Cloud Installations

Discussion by user representatives on their experiences in deploying MCP CSS systems in private and cloud environments.

MCP Hybrid Deployment Security Structure and Hardening Considerations

Discussion of security considerations, issues, and required hardening actions to support and protect the ClearPath MCP system and the supporting host and virtual environment in a private data center or a public cloud.

MCP Clinic

Open session with opportunities for delegates to meet with Unisys engineering and product management representatives for discussions on MCP Systems and Software. Provide opportunities for delegate questions to Unisys or for discussion of best practices to share with the MCP user community. [Group discussion]

MCP - "I Didn't Know You Could Do That!” (IDKYCDT)

This is a session that has been a popular feature at UNITE conferences for several years. It consists of multiple 5-10 minute presentations by delegates on any MCP topic they wish to choose. The intent is to present useful, unusual, or possibly even obscure MCP system features and techniques -- "tips & tricks" that other delegates can take back home and apply in their shops relatively easily.

We traditionally hold a vote for Best Trick at the end of the session. UNITE advisors will organize the session, but anyone is welcome to submit a topic.

Participating in this session is an excellent way to ease into the role of being a presenter and improving your presentation skills. [Single presentation with multiple mini-presentations and demonstrations]