GEN / MCP 6497:
Optimization After MCP Virtualization

Date/Time:Thursday, 7 March 2024, 12:15-13:15 EST
Speaker:Justin Melton, GECU Federal Credit Union


Post-virtualization has come with numerous benefits to reflect on and take pride in as we continue to strive towards achieving the highest levels of system performance. Since going virtual in 2021, we are excited to share the path, progress, and improvements we have made to optimize our environment.


As we now approach our third full year since moving the MCP into a virtualized environment, we continue to explore new ways and features to improve performance and utilize the potential we have at our disposal. This includes the implementation of real-time disaster recovery and backup software, as well as our continuous efforts to keep the entire system current and optimized with the latest updates and firmware.


As we continue to grow and maximize the capabilities of our environment to offer the highest standard of service, reliability, and security to our membership, we look forward to the challenges and successes we can share for years to come.

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Session Chat:

00:42:34Luke NumrychAny thoughts of using public cloud (for any type of load, not necessarily production)?