MCP 6622: MCP Clinic

Date/Time:Wednesday, 6 March 2024, 10:30-12:00 EST
Speaker:Steve Koss, Unisys Corporation

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to ask questions of the Unisys ClearPath MCP Engineering team as well as share your MCP experience. The clinic is an open forum so come prepared to engage in learning more about your MCP system.

Session Chat:

00:18:11Andrew D WalkerAre there any plans to not have TAPE be the default for LIB/MAINT?
00:18:37James C. RymanAzure Stop VM, Detaching network interfaces created during the failover and Attaching the configured network interfaces

We have found that during the ASR Failover the VM is attached to network interfaces that are created during the failover.
That it is necessary to stop the VM then detach these and attach the network interfaces of which are the duplicate resources in the Secondary's regions Resource group with the same IP's and other attributes.

00:19:16James C. RymanBefore the Failover the VM is connected to Network interface
balsawin_netinterface & Balsa_Netinterface in the Primary Site “Resource Group UWmcpRG”
After the Failover the VM is connected to Network interface
nic-BalsaWin-00 & BalsaWinda158255-61de-4c28-a6a4-c912d50d7d1a in the Secondary Site “Resource Group uwmcprg-ars”
I did not create these Network interfaces they seem to be created during the Failover operation.
00:22:49James C. RymanI then Stop the VM
Then disconnect “Network interface nic-BalsaWin-00 & BalsaWinda158255-61de-4c28-a6a4-c912d50d7d1a”
Then connect Network interface balsawin_netinterface & Balsa_Netinterface in the Secondary Site “Resource Group uwmcprg-ars”
Power up the VM, this is then followed by editing the PCD, System Editor update the NP's
00:22:53Denzil TauroKIND=DISK instead of KIND=TAPE
00:27:00Doug DobsonI agree with the eliminating the need to enter "(DISK)" OR "(PACK)" when entering:
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00:31:31Luke NumrychWe are working with support on this issue already, but I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar to what we occassionally see.
This scenario has multiple programs talking to a single SHAREDBYALL library over a TCPIP port. Infrequently (but NOT rarely) we see messages from two client programs being merged and received as a single message by the library. Both the client programs and the server library are located on the same mainframe host, which I feel could be significant.
If the client programs retry, the payload is received as two separate messages, as expected.
00:34:59Chai RaoReplying to "I agree with the eli..."

It has to be an option set on the host. There are still many customers that use virtual tape. The default "out of the factory" should continue as it is now.

00:37:55Conference Host-2@Luke - How are you delimiting the messages?
00:41:49Thomas SchaeferNative AWS when it is available
00:42:09Chai RaoReplying to "We are working with ..."

The client library that does the TCPIP write should do it within a lock. The server library should be checking inputevent and processing the message and responding to it. We do this all the time in our libraries. The WRITE/READ by the client are in a pair.

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00:44:38Chai RaoReplying to "We are working with ..."

We send the messages with the Length in the first 4 characters

00:44:44Luke NumrychUnfortunately, I am not the point person on the issue and I do not have that information handy. But I will mention the delimiting and/or subports...
00:44:58Luke NumrychIf my memory serves, subports are used
00:45:16Chai RaoReplying to "We are working with ..."

So the server side first reads the first 4 characters and then reads the rest using the length

00:47:44Chai RaoReplying to "If my memory serves,..."

The server side of the TCPIP port needs to stay in the "read" code until it gets all the pieces based on the length.

00:49:14Thomas SchaeferOn the subject of TCP/IP, for a new ALGOL application that does need TCP (talk to an external server), is it recomended to use SOCKETSUPPORT or TCP ports?
00:54:25Luke NumrychReplying to "If my memory serve..."

I think the issue here is opposite - the server gets more than expected, and yes, maybe the message isn't delimited. I seem to remember that subports were used though, which should eliminate the issue of delimiters getting stripped somehow.

00:54:49Chai RaoSteve, what you do in this session is very useful. Thank you. The MCP world has become quite vast and a lot of technology has been added over the years. It would be a terrific idea to do occasional webinars discussing some of these features -- not just on UNITE. For example, about the Management API, and the use cases of Python that has been developed in the last couple of years. A 1 hour "TEdtalk" kind of thing would be nice.
00:56:34Sanjay AWhat exactly is a BIP?
00:58:49Paul KimpelI think the library session that Doug Dobson referred to is:
MCP 4045: A Software Design Pattern for Creating Hot-swappable Libraries
from the 2019 Conference. If you are a full member (e.g., registered for the conference) you can log on to the site and use this link:
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01:01:40Doug DobsonDan's presentation was from 2018. It was titled
"4045 A Software Design Pattern for Creating Hot-Swap-able Libraries"
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Thank you

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Thank you

01:03:08jeff wilsonBNAv1
01:03:09Ravi VarmaReplying to "What exactly is a BI..."

There are two modes of BNA connectivity between MCP systems that are supported by
MCP v3 Networking:
• BNA Over IP (BIP)
MCP systems must use the same mode of BNA connectivity to communicate directly.

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01:08:57Damian Thomas - Unisys
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01:10:51DJordanAccess to file shares
01:11:04Ray Stallings GECUAnyone using Cisco DUO for MCP?
01:15:09Paul KimpelIs Windows Active Directory integration still supported? That allowed an MCP system to participate in a Windows domain.
01:18:14Paul KimpelDepending on the types of files being shared and how volatile they are, would it make sense to move the files to a Windows file server and push file updates to that server from the MCP?
01:20:25Thomas SchaeferI have a question about MFA and emails.
01:20:33Thomas SchaeferI can ask via voice
01:23:07James C. RymanWhen is Programmer's Workbench drop dead date? I was just working with a user this morning and they want to continue to use Programmer's Workbench not move to VS until it drops dead. Will play with VS but wants to continue to use
01:24:13James C. RymanI said about 3 years
01:24:16James C. Rymangessing
01:25:44Damian Thomas - UnisysClearPath MCP Software Migration Plans (
01:27:31Kaveesh DashoraWorks with VS Community / Professional / Enterprise
01:27:46Kaveesh DashoraVS Code is a separate product
01:28:00DJordanBring back mcp express
01:28:06Luke NumrychAny plans on supporting PowerShell scripting for MCP?
01:28:33Kaveesh DashoraVS 2017 / 2019 / 2022, all are supported.
01:29:11Thomas Schaefer#NotLegalAdvice or #ImNotYourLAwyer 🙂
01:30:25Thomas Schaefer…on a Libra platform 🙂
01:30:37Mayank AgarwalAs per Visual Studio Community license, this version can be only use for learning or teaching purpose, cannot be used for business/commercial purpose.
01:30:55Paul KimpelThe last I looked Dev Studio PE was about $10,000 for a 5-year license+support.
01:32:07Chai RaoReplying to "As per Visual Studio..."

What does that even mean ? 🙂

01:32:27James C. RymanWe had one developer install Visual Studio Community
It did work.
Integration between SURE and VS CV-IDE
The It's for SURE software repository has integration with CV-IDE (VS Visual Studio)
01:32:37DJordancould mcp extention kit work with srviceNow
01:32:38Luke NumrychReplying to "The last I looked ..."

I am going to guess that my management would firmly say "NO" to this, unfortunately.

01:33:00Kaveesh DashoraReplying to "We had one developer..."

Yes, SURE added supported for CVIDE in the last release.

01:34:31Kaveesh DashoraReplying to "As per Visual Studio..."

Visual Studio Community is majorly for open source projects, or school/teaching purpose. If the intention is to use for business/commercial purpose, it is suggested to use VS Professional

01:34:43Chai RaoHahaha !
01:36:43DJordanneed sernior citizen eddition
01:38:28Luke NumrychThe disappearance of Express hurts the person that would like to tinker and learn MCP on their own time at home... That was my plan.
Even that we have a development system, I am not going to experiment with it, because it IS in use for business purposes by a multitude of people.
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01:40:21Luke NumrychMaybe Unisys could offer MCP software series machines in the cloud on a subscription basis for this purpose?
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01:42:44DJordangood session!!
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01:43:42Denzil TauroThank you Steve
01:43:43Thomas SchaeferThanks to Engineering for working at odd hours to support this session.
01:43:53Chai RaoThanks Steve !
01:44:30Luke NumrychThanks for keeping MCP alive and improving!