GEN / OBL 6673:
UNITE Closing General Session

Date/Time:Thursday, 7 March 2024, 13:30-14:30 EST
Speaker:Guy Bonney, UNITE

This session officially closes the UNITE 2023 Annual Conference. Reports of the conference proceedings will be given. Any other business will be transacted as necessary.

Session Chat:

00:24:40Luke NumrychI could not access the social hour sessions because my organization is blocking Slack. It is what it is...
00:25:48Luke NumrychI second Sanjay's suggestion as well
00:27:19Thomas SchaeferThat the right address?
00:27:31Kenn LeFeveryes, Tom
00:28:29Chai RaoI am very interested in Atlas, Management API, Use of Python. In addition to the kind of things that Sanjay asked for. I personally have zero interest in the "Outsourcing" kind of stuff that Unisys does :-). I am not sure how many in this conference are really interested in it.
00:32:07Jeff J WilsonThere are quite a few options for where to put a system dump that are scattered around the system manuals. A best practices discussion for that might be useful, but I don't see it taking a whole session
00:47:03Luke NumrychI do need to leave for another meeting, but I would like to thank all the organizers and presenters for their efforts to make UNITE happen.
00:47:27Paul KimpelPaul's presentations:
00:48:21Bruce JohnsThanks
00:48:25Andrew D WalkerThanks!
00:51:51Chai RaoThank you Guy and Paul for all your efforts. The Gregory journals will be very useful. The conference was great !
00:57:45Paul KimpelReplying to "I could not access t..."

You didn't miss much.

00:58:59Doug Dobson2 weeks
00:59:08Chai Rao2 weeks
00:59:09Andrew D Walker2 weeks is good
01:14:25Brenda BonnstetterDoes anyone have suggestions for 2200 sessions?
01:17:23Brenda BonnstetterIf anyone thinks of 2200 topics, please email
01:18:32Sanjay AHave to leave my desk. Unable to connect using phone as the "zoom-0" link is no longer active. Enjoyed the conference and hope to see everyone again next time.
01:21:45Chai RaoVirtual conferences are a blessing !
01:27:01Chai RaoThank you ! See you all next year.
01:28:39Bruce JohnsThank you ... The UNITE Conference this year was great!
01:30:37Ray Stallings GECUThank you everyone!
01:30:58Ed LacisThank you all!