DTR / MCP / MTP 6753:
Understanding Unisys MCP Computing Models - Fixed vs Metering vs Consumption

Date/Time:Tuesday, 5 March 2024, 12:15-13:15 EST
Speaker:Michael Recant, MGS, Inc.

Unisys provides a variety of ways to license capacity for running your company's workloads. This presentation will compare and contrast the various implementations in the MCP environment by looking at the three main types:

  • Fixed: Fixed capacity systems and systems with limited adjustable levels of capacity-on-demand
  • Metering: RPM-Seconds (or MIPS-Months) tracking and monthly billing
  • Consumption: Cloud-Value-Unit (CVU) calculation and monthly billing

Measuring and monitoring the systems resources consumed by the various workloads processed by the MCP system is important in managing capacity consumption, predicting future capacity requirements, accounting for consumption costs, and validating potential billing depending on the consumption model in use.

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Session Chat:

01:00:08Sanjay AHow do most sites handle runaway loopers that could unexpectedly eat up a lot of CPU?
01:03:12A WalkerThat is what we do - we added default CPU limits to default batch queues and have monitors for high CPU use tasks
01:03:50James C. RymanBut that's for BATCH, Online is harder to monitor and notice
01:06:38Kurt ThompsonYou can look at Unisys Workload Manager (WLM). You can set threshholds for CPU usage and generate alerts if triggered or even stop the program.